Frequently asked questions

I made a commission request, but didn't get an email! What do I do?

Do not try sending another request. First, check to make sure other emails, notably personal gmail accounts, can send emails to you. It may be that your email, business, or school has some kind of filter on it.

The easiest way to get around this is to use a personal gmail account on a home computer or personal device.

Can I request that a certain Beytrainer to make my design?

Absolutely. We read each and every request that comes in, feel free to add it in the description if you want someone in particular designing it.

Can you make a Takara Tomy or Hasbro beyblade, or a design I found on the internet?

No, we cannot. Please use only your own designs. If we suspect the image given to us is not your own (yes, we do search online for it), we will likely not make it. This is to protect other peoples' creative and information rights. If you were to commission a beyblade and someone else gives us a picture of it, wanting one of their own, we will refuse it unless they get your permission. all clients will recieve the same treatment, and own their designs.

As well, we cannot copy the designs of a company or other person that makes beyblades. This could be construed as plaigiarism and is most likely infringing on information rights. In the interest of our group's legal safety, we cannot, and will not make a design that is suspected to be someone else's.

Why are the commissions so expensive, especially compared to the premade parts?

The pricing is a general guide. Actually, our beytrainers will often set the price a little higher or lower depending on their knowledge of the request and gimmicks needed.

Our beytrainers work hard on these designs, often working an entire day to several days on each design. Even at minimum wage, an entire day of work approaches $100. That price is added to the price of Shapeways' production pricing.

Metal is a prime concern, as a 3D printed metal part, depending on size, can approach $100 for a cho-z or cho-x beyblade.

I submitted my request, and got an email, but it's been a week or two, what's up?

Due to the nature of the work, we can recieve hundreds of commission requests in a month. If your request does not follow the directions in the form, does not have a usable description, several of the same request is sent, or the email cannot be sent, we will not pursue it, or believe it to be spam.

Even then, we can only work on a couple a week each, so there is often up to a month of backlog at all times. A significant wait is, unfortunately, common.

I want a beyblade, but do not have the funds for it right now, can you put my order on hold?

Simply put, we will, but please, if you know you don't have the funds now, do us a favor, and order one when you do have the funds. You may find that a new system is available, and want that instead of what your original design has, anyway. Waiting until you can pay opens up your options a lot!

How will I be paying?

We currently only use paypal. Once we have decided on the design, we will not model it in 3D until payment has been recieved. We will tell you how to pay, and what to put in the paypal message so we can confirm your payment.

My kid ordered this without me / they told me this would cost less! I would like a refund. How do I get one?

Refunds are a bit of a hot topic here. We cannot offer them in most cases because of the nature of our work. By submitting a comission request and paying, you are hiring a 3D artist to do work. That work cannot be undone, and you cannot refund our time (as much as we all wish that was possible!) As such, we can only offer refunds directly before work begins, or partial refunds for very incomplete designs, at the beytrainer's discretion.

Remember, we are not in control of your money, and much less your child or their internet usage. Parents, please supervise your child's internet usage. It's a jungle out here.

Why do the premade parts have links to the various pages they belong to?

It's like this for multiple reasons.
First, Shapeways' store has no way, currently, to bundle parts into a product without the user using an old, complicated script.

Secondly, many of our parts actually use the same components! this allows us to update pricing and technical designs across the board very quickly!

Third, you have options when it comes to material and color. We suggest you use PA11 because it allows you to dye it at home, but at your discretion, if you wanted different parts to have different colors or materials, you could.

Once I have my part, what will I need to construct it?

This varies per part, but:

Your plastic parts will come in a rack, or all connected. We use this to keep our prices competitive by printing as many parts as possible at once. You will need to cut them apart, and sand down the little protrusions. We suggest angled nippers, and sanding sticks, commonly found in craft shops.

You may dye most white plastics from shapeways. You can use normal clothes dyes, just make sure they can work on nylon, that's what the parts are made of! (specifically, medical-grade, impact-resistant PA-11, as we suggest you choose.)

If there is a part that needs to be glued, use 2-part epoxy. It dries rigid and stronger than the plastic. Ideally, the place you glue should be the last part to break, in the worst case scenario.

Drivers will need a spring and two M2x8 screws with hex nuts. The spring can be taken from an existing driver, or bought from a supplier. like Misumi or Ace hardware. (we use the Misumi UF13-15, which takes up more space than a Takara Tomy spring, but on the other hand is a standard part, and at an average, consistent strength.)
(Counterfeit drivers can be taken apart without being broken with a philips head screwdriver, but understand that they are illegal products, and we will not endorse buying them.) Drivers may be epoxied, but we have not tested it, and cannot make any suggestions for doing so.

GT layer bases can use either four M1.6x6 screws or epoxy to put the GT chip locks together, or even both, though we don't suggest going that far.

I tried to open a commission request, but it was closed. When will you open it again?

We have no set schedule on commission dates, but we do announce them at least several days to a week early on the news section of the site, as well as our instagram page. if you're interested in a commission, check back every few days to be the first to know- there are limited slots available!

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