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Here at Xandork Engineering, we're including a more general design service - however, we can't forget where we started: as designers exclusively for Beyblade™ compatible, third party parts. We will continue to use 3D printing to make designs available for current systems, and systems no longer officially supported! Each link goes directly to the designer's shop on a 3D printing service, allowing you to pay only manufacturing costs and royalties, to support them directly at the best prices possible!

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React is the second of Nubnubbud's auto-drivers. It rips around the tornado ridge when launched hard, but the moment it loses traction, it sinks to the center, in record time.

Order parts here!


Actuate is the first of Nubnubbud's auto-drivers. It begins unstable and off-center, jumping up to a foot high, looking for a lucky early attack, before the tip automatically centers itself, and it becomes very efficient.



Dire is a Gachi layer base featuring two very aggressive attack surfaces. While mellow at high speed, if it slows down, the laid back spines allow the enemy in close, for a brutal smash attack.

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