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Premade Drivers

Burst-compatible Drivers


Throttle is an extremely wide driver made by Nubnubbud. A soft launch will use the bey's speed to keep it spinning, thus using its spin to keep it travelling quickly, even at very low spin speeds. A stamina driver that stays at the edge of the arena, perfect for spin stealing at the very last moment.


Xandork's Crown driver is a jagged, rubber-tipped driver that allows banking patterns to smooth out quickly, and bully opposing beys with superior grip using disposable tips made from hot glue (mold included).


React is the second of Nubnubbud's automatically-adjusting drivers, it can both spin freely on its tip and grip the tornado ridge, and spends almost no time getting to the center once it begins gripping the arena!


Actuate is the first of Nubnubbud's automatically-adjusting drivers, made to overcome Operate's inefficiency. It begins a match by jumping, and ends the match spinning silently in the center. Choose your own spring and actuation time during construction!