Actuate is the first of Nubnubbud's automatically-adjusting drivers, made to overcome Operate's inefficiency. It begins a match by jumping violently, and ends the match spinning silently in the center. Choose your own spring and actuation time during construction! more weight in the tip means more extreme jumping, and a stronger spring reduces the time spent jumping!

Extra parts needed:
1x pen spring (but try several)
0-9x 4.5mm ball bearings or bb's
2x M2x8 machine screws
2x M2x8 bolts
1x spring (12 to 13.8mm diameter, 12-15mm height, fewer coils are better, must compress to below 3.5mm)

NOTE: Untested! while we know this part works as intended straight out of our in-house prototype printer, we have not gotten the test piece delivered yet! if you get it early, feel free to use the contact us form on the FAQ page to tell us how it went. if something went wrong, we'll do our best to correct the issue!

Get the parts here:

burst spring