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Xandork Engineering is a group of 3D artists and designers that specializes in creating 3D printed, Beyblade-compatible parts, as well as other designs. Each is custom tailored to the customer's request and handled personally from quote to print.

About Us

Cho-X: here and nowhere else.

Our burst-compatible system, Cho-X, is our signature line of incredibly powerful metal Beyblades, like Cho-Z, like Cho-Z with the power and resilience of Metal fight! Only given to the most worthy of bladers and always one-of-a-kind, these heavy metal beys can defeat any opponent from any generation or system with their immense power!

Almost any part
is possible.

Following months of R&D, we are able to make, from newest systems to oldest:

Dynamite-       Currently in R&D, but feel free to commission!

SuperKing-      layer bases, SK chips, discs, and drivers 
GT-                    layer bases, GT chips, discs, frames and drivers
Cho-z-              layers, discs, frames and drivers
burst classic-  layers, discs, frames, and drivers

Metal Fight-     layers(energy), Wheels, spin tracks, bolts
plastic gen-      layers, weights

Meet the Team



Founder of Xandork Engineering, Xandork specializes in aesthetically pleasing designs with incredibly high structural integrity, performance, and unique abilities.

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Nub combines his 3D rendering skills with a deep understanding of materials, mechanics, and production to create parts that are as functional as they are beautiful. He is the R&D lead, and often designs small mechanical parts.

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Panlee uses geometric designs and inspiration from old fashioned beyblades to make modern layers perfect for tried and true fans. He is the producer and artist behind Beyfight: The Relentless Queen!



Alex focuses on intricate details and avatar-inspired designs that can turn any beyblade into a piece of fine art.

(beytrainers are assigned to tasks that best fit their skillset, however, you can always request one if you prefer their style, and we will prioritize pairing you with them!)


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